DJ Spinderella disappointed over being ‘wrongfully excluded’ from Salt-N-Pepa’s Lifetime biopic

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Deidra “DJ Spinderella” Roper, who was a member of the group from 1987 till 2019, was fired by group members Cheryl James (Salt) and Sandra Denton (Pepa) and later sued for breach of contract. The trio later reached a confidential settlement.

“Sorry, but I gotta speak on this Lifetime special,” Roper tweeted Saturday. “Too often, Black women who have made meaningful contributions in their industry are left out of historical narratives.”

She continued: “Back when Salt n’ Pepa was building our legacy, which is rooted in empowering women, I could not have dreamed that this same group would one day disempower me.”

Roper congratulated the actors who portrayed the group, however added that she does “not support” the film.”

“There’s nothing extra unacceptable than a lady being silenced by one other girl,” she tweeted.

She also revealed she’ll be telling her own story in due time.

“The nice information is I’m within the last phases of writing my memoir, a private journey navigating by life, relationships, and the trade that raised me. 30+ years is a variety of content material and I’m able to share,” Roper wrote.

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