Meet the woman with enough Eminem tattoos to set a world record

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In reality, “Stan” was the first Eminem music that the 35-year-old nail technician from Aberdeeen, Scotland, heard when she was a teenager.

“I literally fell in love with him and the song,” Patterson advised CNN. “I had never heard anything like this before. I showed it to my dad. Obviously, there was lots of swearing.”

At 17, she attended her first Eminem live performance. She’s seen him dwell seven occasions. That consists of as soon as flying to New York to see him carry out at Yankee Stadium in 2010. She frequently obtained Eminem-themed t-shirts and hoodies at Christmas. And posters. And all of the Slim Shady live performance DVDs.

When Patterson turned 19, she cemented her love for the rapper with a tattoo. She acquired a backwards “E” for Eminem.

“It’s super tiny, like the size of a coin,” Patterson stated. “I wanted it because it’s not too obviously Eminem, but that’s kinda funny considering where I am now.”

Guinness World Records confirmed with CNN that Patterson obtained the title for “the most tattoos of the same musician tattooed on the body” on March 31.

Of the 54 tattoos throughout her 5-foot-6 body, 28 are Eminem-themed. And 16 of them are portraits of the rapper, which earned her the world record.

The tattoo that modified her life

Patterson had simply a few smaller tattoos of the rapper’s lyrics earlier than she met with tattoo artist David Corden for her first portrait of Eminem in 2017.

“That tattoo changed my life overnight,” stated Patterson, who’s open about her struggles with her weight. “I went from hating the skin I was in to loving it.”

Patterson returned to Corden eight extra occasions. And she has eight extra performed by artists Yarson Stachowicz and Jay Hutton.
Along with portraits, Patterson has several lyrics and symbols associated with the rapper tattoed on her body.

Patterson paperwork her tattoos on her Instagram, the place she updates followers on press protection and future tattoo plans. The consideration she’s obtained on-line since beating the world record has been overwhelming, she says.

“I’ve had a hashtag called #SignMeShady because I want to get his signature tattooed on me,” Patterson stated. “My Instagram has been aimed at getting his attention. I’m excited because I think the attention might lead to something, but I’ve also had a lot of horrible comments, which is hard.”

Often, commenters will name Patterson a stalker or query her relationship with her husband.

“They have a fascination with my love life because they can’t understand how another guy would want to be with me,” she stated. “I feel like people just see a picture and they judge me, when they don’t judge … my past or my situation.”

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