The Flaming Lips performed a concert with the band and fans encased in plastic bubbles

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The rock musicians from Oklahoma City are actually blowing up in 2020, utilizing inflatable human-sized bubbles to defend themselves and fans towards Covid-19 whereas discovering a technique to play dwell.

Performing at The Criterion in their hometown on Monday night, The Flaming Lips positioned themselves — and all attending fans — inside particular person plastic spheres. The concert — which was half dwell present, half music video shoot — was born out of a sketch doodled by Wayne Coyne throughout the pandemic’s early days, the frontman advised CNN.

“I did a little drawing… where I drew a picture of The Flaming Lips doing a show in 2019. And I’m the only person in the space bubble, and everybody else is just normal,” Coyne advised CNN throughout a cellphone interview on Friday. “Then (I did another drawing with) The Flaming Lips playing a show in 2020. The exact same scenario, but I’m in a bubble, and so is everybody else.”

At the time, Coyne says, the thought was roughly a social commentary on the state of virus, with the considering that Covid-19 would by no means linger lengthy sufficient to see the bubble experiment absolutely inflate.

“I don’t think anybody would have thought … in the middle of March that this is still going to be going, you know, eight months later. I think we all thought this is a month, this is maybe two months, but we’re going to get a handle on this,” he stated.

Coyne and the band first unveiled the idea throughout a May go to to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

That impressed them to maintain going.

“We do a couple of songs with about 30 people in the bubbles. And we start to think, ‘Well, you know, just from doing that, we start to get an idea that we could actually do it, you know, and it could actually happen,'” Coyne revealed.

The “space bubbles” have lengthy been a a part of The Flaming Lips stage exhibits, so Coyne and firm have been acquainted with a collection of inflatable orbs. After setting the specs, the band ordered 100 bubbles from China, and this distinctive music occasion – one first drawn up on Coyne’s sketchpad — was able to pop.

“Since May, the desire to see the live music has just gotten, you know, more, more amplified,” he advised CNN, noting that fans in test-driving the expertise have been requested to reach at The Criterion between 6:30 and 7 p.m. ET.

“Right at a little after six, we already had enough people.”

With a couple hundred fans floating about, The Flaming Lips performed a dance remix of “Assassins of Youth” and “Brother Eye,” a pair of tracks from their newest LP, “American Head.”

Coyne captioned an Instagram put up from the present with the phrase “Yessss!!!” — a nod to the feat they’d collectively pulled off.

“I like the way this looks, because you can get as excited as you want, you can scream as much as you want, you just can’t infect the person next to you, no matter what you forget about, how excited you get,” he stated. “That barrier is still there, they’re protected, and you’re protected… that part of it is what we really felt like was the success,” he stated.

So are bouncing bubbles, with fans and bands equally encased, the way forward for dwell music, a minimum of amid this international pandemic?

“I’m willing to do everything I can, you know, to say, I think we could do this, and this would be absolutely safe,” says Coyne, who stated that finally he is holding out hope for a vaccine.

“We, as The Flaming Lips, we like the idea that we are doing something different…. I think it could be cool. It could be fun. And we could all have a, you know, a crazy unique experience,” he stated.

“For the time being.”

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