‘Olija’ Is an Indie Platformer Filled With Love, Loss, and Harpoons

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There had been additionally just a few moments within the sport the place a scripted sequence had me falling by a damaged platform, solely to seek out that shifting ahead required me to backtrack to the place that platform had been magically repaired. As in nearly any sport, this type of backtracking is needlessly tedious. Harpooning round shortly from floating eyeball to floating eyeball isn’t actually required for the primary story—it’s for just a few more difficult, non-compulsory sailor rescue rooms—nevertheless it feels awkward when you need to do it, and utilizing the analog stick to alter instructions on the Nintendo Switch—Olija is obtainable on Switch, Xbox One/Series X, Playstation 4/5, and for Windows on the Steam Store—Pro Controller feels imprecise. I discovered myself having to modify to the D-Pad for these sequences. Celeste, with its tight, straightforward controls, this isn’t.

Later within the sport, Faraday will get a sword that has its personal teleportation properties, and you’ll be able to arrange two transportation factors à la Portal. Sadly, this solely comes close to the top of the sport. I might have cherished to see extra puzzles that utilized each the sword and the harpoon. You additionally purchase two ranged weapons within the type of a shotgun and a bow, however their ammunition requires crafting. I discovered them to be extraneous and fairly ineffective when matched with the enemy sorts that the sport throws at you.

Finally, there are a handful of boss fights, however they every really feel distinctive and are a pleasant end result to their phases. The second-to-last one, particularly, has you climbing a tower whereas dodging the boss’ sword thrusts, and discovering angles to shock him with a wise warp or good harpoon throw. It combines every thing that’s enjoyable about utilizing the harpoon, and lets the participant work out how they need to strategy and defeat the boss. Overall, you’re ready for a boss to point out his weak spot—typically after launching commonplace Rottenwoods at you—and then going to city on it along with your harpoon. They by no means really feel low-cost, but in addition finish shortly. I appreciated that I may actually fly round in open areas with the harpoon in these, however I couldn’t assist marvel if the bosses additionally felt extra cathartic as a result of the sport’s common encounters are so easy.

As a complete, Olija is on the simpler aspect, and I discovered myself solely actually dying due to the aforementioned imprecision with the trickier airborne harpoon throwing elements. I died most likely Four instances, and I by no means felt caught, although one puzzle within the sport had me scratching my head (in a great way.) You’ll discover that you simply lose well being very slowly outdoors of pitfalls, and you gained’t really feel overpowered by enemies. Rather, you’re compelled to maintain shifting ahead. The ranges themselves—you’ll sail to completely different to remoted ranges in an overworld after leaving the house base—are petite. However, provided that the sport has no map, and it is likely to be irritating to attempt to keep in mind all of the completely different paths within the ranges, it’s seemingly greatest loved in just a few devoted sittings.

Olija can be fairly quick, lasting about Four hours, however every little bit of the sport feels condensed to a wonderful morsel of high quality, and you’ll by no means really feel like the sport’s run out of steam. Having stated that, there isn’t a lot selection to the sport’s fight, neither is there any form of scoring system, variable problem, or New Game + and, as it is extremely linear, it’s unlikely you’ll return to play it once more, except you’re tempted to observe a few of the sport’s extra beguiling story moments.

Olija is a truncated however memorable expertise, one which’s price a glance from any gamer who needs to be swept away on a seafaring journey. It isn’t a trailblazing new entry within the platformer style, however its particulars have a sure magic that makes it really feel higher than the sum of its elements. At 15 {dollars}, it’s an absolute catch.

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