The Best Time Travel Movies of … All Time

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Time—ravager of youth; spoiler of milk; humanity’s oldest and deadliest foe. Yet in movies we are able to conquer time simply: operating it forwards and backward, skipping into the long run or previous with a easy edit. Filmmakers continuously time journey, so it’s no coincidence that there are such a lot of movies the place this trick turns into a plot conceit.

But sadly for his or her protagonists, the perfect time journey movies typically present us that point’s jail is inescapable. Even when these protagonists appear like they’ve discovered a means out, from pure wormholes to heretical machines, their fates are often proven to be predetermined: Often they find yourself caught in time loops, or simply lifeless. Time and demise are shut companions.

Of course, this chaos interprets into mind-bending leisure for the viewer, so with out additional ado, allow us to introduce our picks for the perfect time journey films.

Terminator 1 and a pair of 

Terminator 1 and 2 are actually fairly completely different films. In the primary, Arnie—the terminator—is the dangerous man. He’s despatched again in time by our machine overlords to kill a girl who will give beginning to a toddler that may lead the human resistance to victory. A human from mentioned resistance is distributed again to cease Arnie. It’s a darkish and peculiar story: a basic motion movie made on a stringent price range. The second, in distinction, is a big-budget extravaganza, that includes maybe the best particular results in film historical past relative to their time. Here, Arnie, now a blockbuster star, demanded to play the great man: He’s nonetheless a robotic, however he’s defending the important thing child from the icy, and extra superior, T-1000 robotic.

La Jetée

The most well-known artwork home movie about time journey, La Jetée follows a person despatched again from a post-World War III dystopia to save lots of the long run, and to search out the reality behind a traumatic reminiscence for his previous. Only 28 minutes lengthy, the movie is an easy collection of black and white images put to a hazy narrative, but it is charming. Terry Gilliam turned it into 12 Monkeys, a zany, colourful caper starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, a equally bizarre however tonally completely different movie.


This fashionable sci-fi basic follows the alien “arrival” of big, peaceable, ink-inscribing squids. Before geopolitical squabbles can escalate the scenario right into a nuclear change, Amy Adams should translate the squid’s inky pleas into American English. (Spoiler: It pertains to time journey.) This visually gorgeous movie relies on Story of Your Life, a brief by Ted Chiang, one of the perfect dwelling sci-fi writers. The film is a good introduction to his writing.

Groundhog Day

A basic that includes Bill Murray at his laid-back finest. Murray performs a jerkish newsman who wakes up one morning to search out that he’s caught in a time loop on Groundhog Day (and, sure, that’s the place the time period comes from). Fear provides solution to pleasure as he realizes he’s now an omniscient god. This then provides solution to boredom as he lives out the identical day an infinite quantity of occasions, and Murray should work out why he has been cursed. Still a shifting and considerate comedy.


This is actually the time journey film to beat all of them, if you happen to actually need to get into the nuts and bolts of time journey itself. Two engineers unintentionally uncover an “A-to-B” causal loop facet impact: They can principally journey again a brief distance of time, and start to make use of it to make enormous quantities of cash on the inventory market. What follows is a extremely technical and philosophical tackle the implications of time journey.


Looper is simply an air tight, unbelievable motion movie: a compelling world, sketched in slightly below two hours, with entertaining and fascinating characters. Joseph Gordon Levitt performs a contract killer who kills and disposes of his targets previously, so as to keep away from detection sooner or later. Bruce Willis performs his older self, who Levitt is tasked to kill. The time journey side being real looking isn’t actually the purpose of the movie: Writer Rian Johnson contrasted it on to Primer, the place the foundations of time journey are so necessary; Looper was meant as an alternative as a personality pushed thriller.

Your Name 

One of the highest-grossing anime movies of all time, Your Name is a slick, ever so barely hole affair, however undoubtedly unbelievable leisure. Two faculty children swap our bodies every evening, bicker about wrecking one another’s lives, then finally fall in love. They should combat by time to save lots of a city from an apocalyptic catastrophe. The animation is attractive, painterly and fluid, the music from Radwimps is good earworm pop, and the story is an actual tearjerker.


Where the time journey in Tenet was left largely unexplained, in Interstellar Nolan truly appears curious about instructing his viewers, and does an admirable job depicting some of the implications of Einsteins’ idea of normal relativity. The film’s dialog could be a bit saccharine and vapid, however the go to to the mountain-high planet of waves, the place years move as minutes, is only a nice piece of cinema, definitely worth the worth of entry alone.

Donnie Darko 

A cult basic that rocketed Jake Gyllenhaal to huge fame. It’s one of these excessive idea movies that bombards you with lore, however actually is not as good because it thinks it’s. It’s higher to simply sit again and let it wash over you, together with, of course, Frank, the long-lasting black bunny rabbit, who tells Gyllenhaal the world will finish in 28 days. It’s additionally an necessary artifact of a sure part of Millennial tradition: any Gen Z cultural critic making an attempt to know Millennial neuroses ought to undoubtedly add this movie to their analysis.

Planet of the Apes 

The authentic Planet of the Apes is a deeply odd movie—there’s one thing disconcerting concerning the apes now: the prosthetic make-up methods by artist John Chambers have been revolutionary on the time. But whereas the prequels with Andy Serkis are actually extra motion packed, the unique has obtained to make the record as a result of it options probably the most iconic time journey “twist” in cinema. Charlton Heston’s remaining revelation as he smashes his fists into the seashore on the movie’s finish has been parodied to demise, most notably by The Simpsons. (Which additionally created a unbelievable musical adaptation of the movie.)

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